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Final Fantasy high school: OOC
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Final Fantasy High school OOC

This is the OOC Community for ffhighschool

Post all your OOC thoughts and questions here.

Also, events, and a list of clubs will posted here. If there is a club you would like that isn’t already mentioned, let me know, and I will add it.

Please request a character here before joining the role play. There is no application process, I just need to keep tracks on everyone ^^

Thank you

Taken characters

Final Fantasy

Black Mage ~ iheartblackmage {Aim: Sm4rt3rg4y}

Final Fantasy IV

~None taken~

Final Fantasy V

~None taken~

Final Fantasy VI

~None taken~

Final Fantasy VII

Tifa Lockheart ~ tifachan {Aim: Iluvhydeandgackt}
Sephiroth ~ jenovaschild {Aim: MaikeruKyou}
Cloud Strife ~ theyoungstrife {Aim:MaikeruKyou}
Vincent Valentine ~ originalturk {Aim: MrAnarchyAdam}
Yuffie Kisaragi ~ kisayuff {Aim: AzuriteYue}
Aeris Gainsborough ~ aeris_gains {Aim: Chikushoume1}

Final Fantasy VIII

Squall Leonhart ~ __leonhart___{Aim: Tidanukwa}
Ellone Loire ~ ellonechan {Aim: Iluvhydeandgackt}
Zell Dincht ~ zell_dinchtxp {Aim: TidusRX}
Rinoa Heartilly my_rinoa {Aim: MrsBulma}

Final Fantasy IX

Kuja ~ yaoiloverkuja {Aim: ILuvHydeAndGackt}

Final Fantasy X

Yuna ~ tartiorsummoner {Aim: TurkeyReno}
Wakka ~ wakka_ {Aim: Iluvhydeandgackt}
Rikku ~ rikku_579 {Aim: SoDeadlyMyDear}

Final Fantasy X2

Lenne ~ unholydreams {Aim: Iluvhydeandgackt}
Paine ~ _paine_wills_ {Aim: TurkeyReno}

Final Fantasy XI

~None taken~

Final Fantasy XI

~None taken~